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Over 50 singles Club – 3 tips for a successful first date

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You may not be new to dating, but believe it or not, first dates make everybody nervous. Just imagine how your new date will react when they see you. There are three (3) important things to remember to have a successful first date.

• Carry out a basic cleanliness check.
- Are your clothes neat and tidy? Are your fingernails clean? Do you smell nice? Remember the saying “First impressions last”; you don’t want your date to think that you are a layabout.

• Have your first date in a public place. It could be in a coffee shop or a restaurant. Pick someplace that both of you can relax and have a great time getting to know each other. Suggest a place where you two can hear each other and have a great conversation.

• Be pleasant. First dates are the basis for following dates. You have to make your date feel respected, regardless whether you want to continue the dating journey with them or not.

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