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Are Your Efforts Backfiring With Him?

Are you feeling exhausted or emotionally drained in your relationship? Are you doing all of the work in trying to hold your relationship together? Do you feel all of your efforts are being wasted? Are your efforts backfiring with him? Imagine that your relationship is a boat and the person who is rowing is the person who is doing all of the work. The question is, who is doing all of the work in your relationship?

If you find yourself in a situation such as this, you need to drop all what you are doing. If you are the one who is trying to solve the problem between the two of you, you need to stop. If you think that you are doing everything on his behalf, stop and think for a while. What you need to do to devise a plan that will draw his attention back to you.

Wait for him to exert an effort and show you how important the relationship is to him. Let him deal with his own mistakes. Sometimes, the best way to make him realize that what he is doing is wrong is to actually let him see those mistakes. Focus on being good to yourself until he realizes your worth.

Take note that the wrong man will show his colors quickly. He won’t waste his time stepping on the plate. Do not hesitate to let him go and move on with your life. All great man, the ones who are worthy will realize his mistakes and will shower you with the love and attention that you deserve.

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