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Dating Lessons from Scary Movies

Dating is quite scary especially if you are planning to have a unique date. It is advisable to be prepared before going out to avoid serious problems. It is very important to check the condition of your car and top up on gas before picking up your date. If possible avoid those places that you are not familiar so that you will not get lost. Dark places and isolated roads is a big no. It will only scare your partner.

When going out for a date, avoid uncomfortable clothes and high heels unless if it’s a fine dine in a hotel or expensive restaurant. Wearing a simple dress with classic cuts will make you more comfortable and stylish. It’s a nightmare when you wear high fashion clothes but your moves are very limited. You should also remember that in horror movies you need to run fast when someone is chasing you, so I guess high heels won’t save your life.

Finally, follow your instinct. Looks can be deceiving so you have to be careful. If you think that your date is creepy or weird maybe you should call it a night. You can leave without disrespecting your date. You may tell him that you need to go home early because you have something very important to do in the morning. If possible, avoid hitching in his car. You can call a taxi or ask a friend to drive you home.

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