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Over 50 Singles Club – Jealousy Cause and Effect

Jealousy is one of the major issues of being in a relationship. This is commonly associated with trust. This problem is hard to go through especially if a couple is not able to establish a strong foundation of loyalty and faith.

Jealousy is mainly rooted from insecurity and fear. A person who lacks self-confidence will manifest their insecurities in possessiveness. Your partner will try to stop you from getting close to other people because of uncertainty. Their fear to be left out will also make him feel envious and withdrawn. The effect of jealousy can destroy a relationship. While it is vital to have care and concern in a healthy relationship, a person should be wary not to turn these emotions into something that can rescind the bond. Trust issues should be resolved right away.  Assurance is always the best. Proper communication to discuss inadequacies is a must to prevent the relationship from deteriorating. This is because once the effects of jealousy are taken for granted, its negative effects intensify.

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