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Make a Great Woman Notice You

Modern women know what they want. Most of the time they are pickier than men. With the increase of awareness about choosing Mr. Right, men there are more challenges than ever before. It is not easy to get the attention of women nowadays. They are highly oriented of choosing the best of the best. That is why old tactics are not working anymore. However there are some things that you need to consider in order to help you.

1. Body Language – is more powerful than using your mouth. It is clearly understood that when you meet someone in a bar or restaurant you can’t just talk to her instantly. You need to use body language to send signals to her that you are interested. If in case she responds well then you have the chance of talking to her.

2. Intellectual conversation – most of the women today prefer to have a great conversation than just booty calls. You need to educate yourself better to be aware of what is happening in the world today. Smart men are sexier than you may think. You need to have hot topics in your back pocket.

3. Confidence – most of the time, men are intimidated by smart women. They are afraid that they might get embarrassed. The truth is, women are more sensitive than you think. Take it easy, consider the girl as your friend. Talk about light topics and if she gets your attention bring it to a higher level. Behave accordingly; even if you’ve already gained her trust don’t try to become cocky.

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