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Over 50 singles Club – Online dating – how to stay safe

Online dating is fast becoming popular, but are you safe from harm? Be vigilant when signing up to any online dating websites. Follow these online safety tips for a safe journey online.

Dating tips and advice from Over 50 Singles Club.

1. Always protect your online finances
- Ignore any money transfer request from people who don’t know or meet on the dating site. Some of these people are scammers and will strip you of your money
- Never give out any personal financial information.

2. Guard personal and online access information
- Don’t easily give out information about you and your status in life. Be careful in giving specific information and if possible remain anonymous until you feel safe enough or know the person first before giving out details.

3. Check all acts that sounds too good to be true.
- Several people use online dating sites to scam other people. Be aware of different signs of scamming.

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