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Over 50 singles Club – Are You Attracted to Men with a Similar Personality to Your Dad?

It is a common idea that women choose men who are similar to their fathers. Likewise, men choose partners who have the same traits as their mothers. It is true that our parents are engraved in our hearts and minds for the rest of lives. It is no wonder we become attracted to people with similar traits as theirs.
Are you attracted to men with a similar personality to you dad? There is no shame in this. Be aware that this is common and natural especially if you have a good relationship with your dad. This is because we tend to look at our parents as role models. If we grew up in a happy family, we would want to create the same environment for our family in the future. Being attracted to these guys does not make you a freak. It only means that you love your father so much and you admire his personality. You will feel the same way for men who have similar traits. However, you have to remember that this should not be your sole reason when dating someone.

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