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Over 50 singles Club – How to Avoid Becoming Clingy to Your Partner

It is common for people to be clingy and insecure especially when they think they have already found their match. Romantic love can become an obsession. It is important to be aware if your actions have become clingy. This might frighten your partner and push him further away from you.
Be aware of your actions. Learn how to spot obsession. Some cues include being too preoccupied about thoughts of being with your partner. You may want to always be with him and be a part on everything he does. There are times when being clingy is evident along with the feeling of jealousy. You also start to mimic his actions, words, personality and other unique traits because you want to be more like him.
Unrelieved stress. Being clingy or being obsessive to your partner may cause a lot of stress. Being too preoccupied of spending time together results to exhaustion.
On the other hand, being clingy is somewhat natural during the early stages of being in a relationship. The idea of being with someone new creates thrill and overwhelming excitement. However, it becomes destructive when you do not deal with this challenge in a healthy way.
Slow down. If you are sure that being clingy has become destructive to the relationship, think of ways to resolve it immediately.  Start by balancing your time together. Focus on quality time instead of quantity time. You do not have to spend all your time with your partner. Take time for yourself as well as for your family and friends. Do the things that you love to do. This is a way of exercising your right to have a personal space. Developing your self-confidence and realizing your self-worth will also decrease the feeling of being obsessive.

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