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Over 50 singles Club – How to Avoid the ‘Walk of Shame’

The “Walk of Shame” is quite a common term for girls. Most women dreaded the situation where they have to walk out of the guy’s place in the morning after a hot one-night stand. It is called the “Walk of Shame” because the walk home will make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. How do you avoid them?
Unfortunately, there is no getting around this moment sometimes. The best you can do is make it less awkward. However, you need to remember that being wild and adventurous is part of how you live your life to the fullest. Just think about the guy you were with that night. There is no shame in it when you know that you really like him. Perhaps, that trip home in the morning is all worth it. Take note that it can only be called the “walk of shame” if you really feel embarrassed and insulted. Why not turn that walk into a happy and confident one?
The best you can do to conceal that you are about to do the “walk of shame” at least is to arrange the appropriate look before leaving the guy’s place. To do this, you have to bring with you some important things to change your get-up in the morning. Nobody has to know that you just had a one-night stand because your hair, make-up and dress look like a mess. You cannot plan a one-night stand so you need to bring these essentials with you all the time: sunglasses, small make-up kit, disposable toothbrush and a coat. You will need the make-up to fix the smudges and the sunglasses to hide your eyes as well as the coat to conceal the worn dress. Remember that you need to fix yourself for a fresh-morning look so try not to hurry. Do not forget to tell the guy that you have to leave, too. And most of all, you did not do anything to feel ashamed of. You had fun with the experience so walk with confidence.

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