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Over 50 singles Club – What Your Underwear Says About You

Your choice of underwear may say something about your personality. This is because our underwear is still a part of our everyday choices. If you have plans to have sex with someone, make sure to pay attention to the type of underwear they are willing to give you a clue what the person is like.
For Women
Women who wear a lacy thong might just know how your time together will end up. She knew that sooner or later, you will end up between the sheets. This also means that she is ready to have sex with you. A lacy thong also suggests some mystery. For those who like to wear a boy shorts type of underwear, it might mean that they put comfort first. If you just found out your partner is wearing a G-string, you might have to prepare to be wild in bed.
For Men
The most common underwear men have is the so-called brief. However, there are those who prefer boxer-brief. Some men find this type comfortable to wear. It also shows that athletic males choose this because it can offer support and conformity. Another common underwear for men is boxers. Men who prefer these would also take comfort as a priority aside from the fact that they are quite sexy.

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