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Six Crucial Decisions Daters Face

It is not easy to decide whether or not you will pursue the relationship you have. Every relationship encounters critical choices along the way. It is very important that you know exactly what you want in a relationship.

Here are some important decisions that you need to consider:

Analyze if there is enough potential to proceed. The first stage in dating is getting to know each other. In this stage you will determine whether or not you will take the relationship into the next level.

Informal to Exclusive. This is the time when couples decided date “exclusively”. In this stage, you are not allowed to date anyone except her/him. It is like a relationship but no deep commitment.

From Conservative to Very Liberal. In this phase of dating you become bolder with your body language and words. You become more intimate than the early stages of a relationship. Once you gain trust from your partner you will start to talk about sexual desires.

Realizing you are Compatible. Since you are now open to each other you will discover other things that will help you to be connected to each other such as point of view regarding spirituality, finances, gender roles, child raising, family obligations etc.

Supporting Each Other. As you go further into your relationship you will experience a lot of challenges and problems. This is the time when both parties support and help each other to overcome the challenges that may jeopardize the relationship. This is also the time when couples make the decision whether or not they will give up the relationship and move on.

Deeper commitment. This is the time when couples should decide to Get Married and Stay Married. This is the biggest and hardest part of the relationship.

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