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The Right Way to Be A Tease

Teasing is not as bad as you think. It is not game playing or manipulating someone. Teasing is about getting the attention, curiosity and interest of your potential partner. It is the process for creating attraction from other person with fun and humor. Injecting a little teasing can add some spice to your relationship. Men will think that you are an extra ordinary woman.

Teasing may involve humor and sarcasm but in a very minimal way. The purpose is to puzzle men with the real meaning of your answers and actions.

Play a little hard to get. You may engage in some touching but don’t go too far. Reserve everything. Make him go crazy about you.

Men don’t expect too much from women, a clueless kiss will surprise him a lot.

Wearing some low cut dresses with new lingerie underneath can catch the attention of men. They find it sexier when someone is flashing a bit of lace.

Don’t tell him everything. Leaving some hanging topic or question will help you to convince him to see you again.

Being unpredictable is the key here, you should not stick to one personality. Physical teasing can work as well. Don’t forget that smile and eye contact intensifies the moment. You may also want to consider the soft bite in your lower lips. Make sure you pay attention to how he responds, if you think that he is not impressed with your acts then try something else. Meaning, you need to have an extra tactics in your pouch.

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